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France: Simplification of formalities related to distance sales (B2C) of excise products from January 1, 2020

Finance Law No. 2019-1479 of December 28, 2019 for 2020 has simplified the formalities relating to distance sales of products subject to excise duty.

This provision covers the sales of excise products already released for consumption in a Member State of the European Union and sent directly or indirectly by a supplier not established in France to be delivered to individuals residing in France (B2C). Read more

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Brexit and EORI numbers applications made in Germany

As it stands, the date on which Great Britain leaves the EU has been put back to 31 October 2019. Should the British parliament agree to the deal negotiated with the EU, an earlier exit is possible. However, if this is not the case Great Britain will leave the EU without a deal and the consequences of a “no deal” Brexit will come into effect on 1 November 2019. Read more

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New EU laws – on digital content and on the sales of goods to be approved

New rules to better protect consumers whether they buy a product over the internet, in a local store or download music or games were approved by Parliament on Tuesday.

The new EU laws – on digital content and on the sales of goods – harmonise key contractual rights, such as the remedies available to consumers and the ways to use those remedies. They are part of the Digital Single Market strategy, which aims to ensure better access for consumers and businesses to online goods and services across Europe.

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Patent Box Portugal

The EU Application The new patent box regime model has been introduced in many EU member countries to be able to compete with similar precautions. The revenue derived from the intellectual property rights like patents, complementary protection certificates and royalties on patents will be taxed separately with a lower rate of tax than the other income of the country. Read more

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The Applicability of Quick Fixes in Spain

On January the 1st 2020 a new VAT measure package will come into force proposed by the European Commission and ratified by the European Council. Quick Fixes is a proposal of provisional measures focussed to establish a definitive VAT system, and harmonize it within the intra-community trade. Read more