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The Brussels Tax Forum 2013 has been held on November the 18th 2013. The Forum, hosted by the EU Commissioner Algirdas Šemeta, responsible for Taxation, Customs, Statistics, Audit and Anti-Fraud has brought together policy makers, experts, stakeholders and the general public from all over the world to discuss tax issues of particular political and general interest. The topic chosen for this year has been ‘An efficient VAT system’.

Foto: © Rozol -

Foto: © Rozol –

The Partner of the Polish TRA memberfirm Intertax Audit Sp. z o.o, Bugoslaw Kedzior, has been granted the priviledge to attend this commitment that aimed the simplification and sensibilization of the EU VAT burocracy, into a more harmonized and burdenless VAT System.

Poland has introduced, with effect from 2014, significant amendments in VAT Act. The most revolutionary one has been the change of the provision regarding arising the tax accrual, which has been changed for the first time in twenty years. Until the end of December 2013 the general rule on tax accrual was in fact linked to the issuance of an invoice.Since 2014, as a general rule, tax accrual shall arise at the moment of supplying the services or goods, and shall no longer be connected to the issuance of an invoice, also for the services or goods provided partially, for which payment was specified. For the services or goods provided continuously for a period longer than one year, without terms of payment or settlement, the accrual takes place at the end of each fiscal year, until the services are finally provided.

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