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Active for more than 15 years, Baker & Norton has constantly improved its activities to adapt to market developments in order to satisfy its customers. Thanks to its entrepreneurial approach, its international presence and its total mastery of figures, the group offers a personalised analysis of its clients’ needs, resulting in tailor-made solutions.

Skills that he values on a daily basis through his various areas of expertise, starting with his activities as a Trustee. The qualifications of its employees, who are familiar with legislation and regulations as well as the constant evolution of the market, enable it to support its clients in the implementation and management of tax-optimised structures and thus increase the value of their company.

Baker & Norton also offers Expertise and Consulting services, thus providing real added value to clients seeking its services. Thanks to a complete analysis of their company, he is indeed able to refine their needs as well as the specific constraints of their sector of activity. From simple management control, to the implementation of an internal control system, to the outsourcing of salaries and human resources, Baker and Norton support the company manager on a daily basis in order to improve the value of the human factor as well as the value of his company.

Baker & Norton also has recognized expertise in wealth management through its Elite Asia Fund investment fund and company formation. Its knowledge of the business world and local economic fabrics through its teams present in many countries, enable it to support its clients through the maze of European and international regulations to advise them and offer them customized solutions to increase the value of their companies and their private assets.

Name of the tax Value Added Tax
Local name Taxe sur la valeur ajoutée (TVA)

Mehrwertsteuer (MWST)

Imposta sul valore aggiunto (IVA)

Date introduced January 1st, 1995
Administered by Federal Tax Administration (VAT Division)
VAT rates Standard: 8%
Reduced: 2,5%
Special : 3,8%
Others Zero-rated
Exemption with credit
Exemption without credit
VAT Number format CHE 123.456.789 TVA
CHE 123.456.789 MWST
CHE 123.456.789 IVA
VAT return periods Quarterly (usual)
Monthly (optional in case of credit VAT situation where excess of input over output VAT occurs regularly)
Half-yearly (if the taxpayer has elected to be taxed under the balance tax rate method)
VAT return filing period VAT returns must be filed within 60 days from the period-end date
VAT payment VAT must be paid in Swiss francs.
Thresholds registration Nil (however, for enterprises with turnover below CHF 100,000, a voluntary exemption may apply)
Recovery of VAT by non-established Businesses YES (with the observance of the reciprocity rule)

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