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WW+KN Wagner Winkler & Collegen GmbH

The long list of clients at WW+KN includes companies listed on the stock exchange, many medium-sized family businesses, and internationally active groups of companies. WW+KN also advises small businesses, the self-employed as well as private persons.

Name of the tax Value Added Tax
Local name Umsatzsteuer
Date introduced 1 January 1968
Date of membership in EU 27 May 1952
Administered by Bundeszentralamt für Steuern (www.bzst.de)
Standard 19%
Reduced 7%
Other various exemptions
VAT Number format DE 999999999
VAT return periods monthly (in the first two years obligatory); later quarterly, if the annual VAT payment of the previous year was EUR 7.500,00 or less; or later yearly, if the annual VAT payment of the previous year was EUR 1.000,00 or less
Thresholds registration none
Recovery of VAT by non-established Businesses Yes

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