VAT Consulting

We assist and support our clients by providing our consultancy services for business projects. Our consulting team enables you to minimize the impact of meeting local and cross-border VAT obligations in line with your business purposes.

Managing VAT obligations is an ongoing challenge for most of businesses due to changes and complexity of VAT regulations and different VAT processes within the E.U.

The presence of members of TRA in most European Countries ensures that TRA will cover your needs by providing effective and efficient VAT consulting.

Specifically our team can consult you among others regarding the following:

  • Compliance obligations of your business for both local and cross-border operations. Our team will analyse requirements stemming from the local and EU legislation and advice on required actions and procedures in order to ensure compliance.
  • Assessment of financial risk for non-compliance with VAT obligations. We can consult on potential VAT exposure resulting from your operations or transactions.
  • Implementation of relevant processes and procedures in order to achieve correct and appropriate VAT, EC sales and Intrastat reporting.
  • Design and implement strategy based on nature of operations in order to establish an effective VAT structure
  • Ways in order to obtain VAT refunds

Our VAT Consultancy services include the following:

  • Local VAT Advice
  • Cross Border VAT Advice
  • VAT Reviews
  • VAT Training  (Applicable in some EU countries)
  • Design and implementation of VAT structure
  • Assistance in VAT Audits & Negotiations

One of the main aims of TRA’s consultancy teams is to help your business in order to identify cost-saving solutions and create business efficiencies in relation to VAT.

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